The Cedar Sisters

The Cedar Sisters – Jane Carmichael and Elle Hermansen – met at a Basia Bulat concert and shortly after were brought in as backup singers for an established rock band. The two songwriters felt an instant personal and musical connection, and soon began writing together.

Carmichael and Hermansen are sisters in spirit, if not in fact. They share remarkably similar stories, both on and off the stage. Both were involved in pop bands that “almost” got signed, both released solo albums after those bands fell apart,  both are Leos and the youngest in their families, and both suffer from endometriosis. They even share the same middle name. It’s no surprise then, that they sing so beautifully together.

The Cedar Sisters  use their similarities and differences to create a sound that they affectionately refer to as “electro-folk pop”– the perfect marriage of Carmichael’s folk sensibility and Hermansen’s electronic vibe. Their music is haunting, atmospheric, and emotionally intense. It also has a distinct 80s pop overtone inspired by artists like Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush,  and The Traveling Wilburys with a modern First Aid Kit and Lana Del Rey “esque” edge. Joining them for their live shows is guitarist Kevin Kennedy (Neverending White Lights, The Marrieds, The Dyadics), and drummer/engineer/producer Matt Weston (The Marrieds, The Dyadics).

The Cedar Sisters are set to release their debut full-length album, Love + Loss in June 2022.